We offer rails are aluminum, stainless steel and those of black metal /painted in color RAL /.

Railings made by us are suitable for indoor installation, on stairs or interior stairs, and for outdoor use on terraces, roofs, escape ladders and more. Complying with legal regulations for the installation of railings.

Handrails of stainless steel and black metal can be:

  • Standard with horizontal pipes – 2, 3, 4, 5 pcs. /or square profiles/
  • With vertical tubes /square profiles/
  • Glass;
  • With stainless steel ropes;
  • With wooden handles.

Installation can be performed both in straight sections and the curved ones. Handrails can be fitted to the floor (floor mounting) or side (cantilever mounting).

Aluminum railings are ready system with different fittings and pipes. The material is oxidized and particularly suited for production of rails in order not to change color due to weathering.

Options for aluminum railings are:

  • With horizontal pipes-2, 3,4 st;
  • With vertical tubes;
  • Glass.

Aluminum railings are available in color:

  • Natural;
  • Color champagne;
  • Color “Titanium”;
  • Color “brass”;
  • Color “Tree”.

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